These days, words simply aren't enough. A customer wants to see, hear, and feel connected to the businesses they love and support, and having an active video television, either online or on television, is crucial for success. That's where Alternating Line can help. Created in 2013, Alternative Line is a Production Services company founded on the principle that great video does more than just promote your company - it crafts your business' story. What will yours be?



Your company needs to be seen and heard. With the rise of streaming video, Alternating Line can craft ads with both traditional broadcast and digital media in mind. Whether you're an established brand or a startup looking to place its mark online, Alternating Line will guide you through the content creation process.

Product Demos

They say the best way to sell someone isn't to tell but to show, and Alternating Line knows how important it is for companies to effectively, and attractively demonstrate their products. And if you need to pitch your company to investors or to crowd funding venues, we've got you covered.


Whether it be shorts, features, or even music videos, Alternating Line offers the talent and creativity to bring your production to life, along with the organization to keep your projects on task. Allow Alternating Line to rent the gear best suited to your cinematic vision.


Companies are more personable than ever - and the people like it. Whether you want a recurring host to speak to your audience on a regular basis, share essential corporate meetings, or want the head of your company to keep customers up-to-date, Alternating Line can establish a content strategy to allows your company to show its best face to the people that support it.


Have that passion project on the backburner? With independent filmmakers in mind, we offer an affordable camera package based on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to get you shooting beautiful images at a low cost.

We package vintage Yashica ML lenses, with beautifully natural image quality, all-metal construction, and 180 degree focus throw. Lastly, batteries, support, and recording media are included for a daily or weekly rate.


Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiry. Tell us about your project, your budget, and any other details. We can't wait to meet you.